Update from Menorca!

Hi everyone! I am now in my 4th week on the lovely little Island of Menorca and I have had a fantastic insight into the overseas world which is brilliant if not a little crazy! It really is great to see first-hand how one of short-hauls top performing resorts goes about getting its fantastic scores!

I spent my first 3 weeks shadowing each of the RTM’s on the Island and got to look around the majority of Menorca’s hotels and a few villas.

I have spent time not only with Thomson and First Choice representatives but also with Meon and Sovereign. Within my first few weeks I was impressed by the high level of customer service we offer anyone travelling with us overseas and was also surprised by the level of regulation that goes into ensuring that we offer a standardised service no matter where you go. I am now spending a few days in the office learning about everything that goes on behind the scenes in resort to ensure our customers have a fantastic holiday every time.

I have tried out a number of different excursions.  I was also lucky enough to be here for a Menorcan Fiesta and joined in the party with the locals in the capital city of Mahon which was absolutely crazy! To top it off I spent a day with the Thomson Family Resort team and even ‘helped out’ with Thomson the Dog after the team show!

Coming up, we have representatives from TUI Nordic coming to the Island next week and I am looking forward to meeting with them.

All in all I am having a fantastic time and have already learned a huge amount about life overseas, I look forward to the next few weeks!
Emma x


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