Strikes in Greece!

Another update from Crete…I am coming to the end of my 5th week and I truely can’t believe I am due to go home next week. It makes me feel quite sad really.

Since my last post I have been across to the west of the island shadowing an RTM that has one of the largest areas on the island, it was really interesting to see the difficulties in managing such a large area.

While there I completed my sole return transfer to the airport and it only happen to be the day there was a 4 hour air traffic control strike! Which meant we had a large number of customers delayed at Heraklion airport and a large number of unhappy inbound customers that had been delayed on the tarmac in the UK.  However as a company we did our complete best and made sure customers were informed all the time and were provided with refreshments.

It was that day that I truly gained a huge understanding of how the industry that we operate in can be effected by so many things, including civil servant strikes! It is fair to say that I gained a true appreciation for what our holiday advisor’s have to deal with!

For my last week I will be in the office spending a bit of time with the admin staff and my area manager to get an appreciation for their roles. So this will be my last post..see you all back in the UK!


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