Hi from Tenerife

It’s hot in Tenerife! But then I suppose when you’re just 90km from the coast of Africa you’d expect nothing less. It’s seems strange to think that it was actually five weeks ago I arrived here and started to get to grips with the life and operations of one of the busiest overseas teams. Tenerife is the only resort to have our full range of differentiated products, from the infamous 5T+ Sensatori (which really is worth all the hype) through to a large quantity of commodity and it’s been a real eye opener understanding the difference in service levels between the resorts and brands. 

 My time here so far has been fantastic. The team are absolutely superb in capitalising on such a high volume of arrivals but they have still found the time to lay on a very diverse range of opportunities during this placement.

There’s also been some pretty amazing times that you just don’t get in Luton, namely observing the stars from the world’s largest land based telescope (you’d normally pay over £4 an hour for the privilege), watching sunset from above the clouds on a volcanic crater with champagne, dinner in a tropical rainforest, having a face to face meeting with a Killer Whale and braving Europe’s highest water slide…..a pretty spectacular month’s work.

 Finally there’s a key learning that I recommend all who read this try and take into account….if you’re going to have your birthday overseas, try not to time it with the end of season party!



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