Limassol in my soul!

Our journey overseas has continued to be action packed so we have plenty to update you on since our last blog! We have left the bright lights and sandy beaches of Ayia Napa behind and have moved on to the more cosmopolitan city of Limassol.

We have been shadowing RTM Sarah and getting to grips with her role, seeing a great insight in to how they go about achieving sales results and CSQ targets.

We have been lucky enough to sample some more great excursions. These have included, the ghost town of Famagusta, crossing the line at Nicosia and testing out the waterslides at the famous water parks! A current gap in the sales programme are evening excursions from Limassol. We have now been tasked with identifying potential evening excursions, we will keep you posted on the exciting possibilities and what you might be able to experience next year!

Over the last couple of weeks we have spent time in the resort office covering areas such as Admin (more interesting that meets the eye!), Yield, Purchasing and Finance. We have also spent some time with Tracey our Area Manager and she has invited us along to some interesting meetings so definitely a good insight in to her role!

Over the last few days we have been in Paphos which is home to the Aliathon Holiday Village. It’s been great to see this fantastic concept in action including High Ropes, the kids clubs and the evening entertainment.
We thought it would be rude not to try out the high ropes…see pictures below! It is great to see that our team work so well together and deliver such a fantastic customer experience.

Being the birth place of Aphrodite, Cyprus attracts more wedding than any other destination around the world so is a key revenue driver for Cyprus. Whilst in Paphos we spent a day with the weddings team getting to grips with the service they offer and how heavily targeted they are. We also got the opportunity to observe a wedding ceremony which brought a few tears to Bart’s eyes!

Negin is proud to say that she has had a mention in the CSQ comments from when spending time in the Thomson Family Resort and has a copy of the comments for proof!

We seemed to have timed our placement perfectly as our last night falls on the much anticipated end of season party. Watch out for one more blog at the end of the week where we will bring our overseas journey to an end!

Negin and Bart


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