Update from Portugal

Hi agin from a very sunny Algarve.

I am now in my final few days here and must admit I will be sad to leave at the end of the week, I have had a great 6 weeks out here and learned so much, I’m not sure I have had time to take it all in.

Since I last posted on here I have spent a lot of time shadowing various RTMs in the area and time in our gorgeous head offices in Faro, getting to grips with our Admin, Finance, Purchasing and Contracting, and Excursions departments.  There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes here that I’m sure even a lot of our HAs don’t realise.  

I also spent a full day shadowing our Airport controller on a busy day in Faro airport. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy the 6am start, it was great to see the airport not just from an HAs perspective but from behind the scenes too.

The was a lot of anticipation in resort last week when the HAs found out where they would be going, if anywhere, for their winter placements.  While a lot of the staff here choose to stay within the area, going to gateways such as Madeira or Cape Verde, others hoped to go further a field or get a secondment in the UK.  To see all the hard work that has been put in throughout the season in the hope of securing winter work, I couldn’t help but feel for some people who didn’t get what they wanted.  The RTMs now have the challenge of keeping the teams motivated until the very end of the season, and for some a little longer as the Retail Managers conference will be held here at the beginning of November.

Before everyone leaves for winter, all the staff will be celebrating a great season at the end of season party, to be held at a secret location… I’m sad I won’t be here to join in!



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