About TUI – Town Halls

Town Halls are something a little bit different done here at TUI in an effort to ensure everyone in the business is kept informed in an engaging and often fun way. They take place roughly once a month and involve everyone in the business gathering in the main atrium and taking up any possible vantage point of the podium (which also doubles up as a staircase!) to listen to one of our senior managers.

Each Town Hall will have a specific subject. In the past this has been the launch of a new marketing campaign or product, feedback on the latest staff survey, brochure launch and most recently the company’s performance in the first financial quarter. While some of the subject matter may be a little dry at times, it is great to here from the horse’s mouth exactly what is going on within the business.

What makes these gatherings a little bit different however are the little extras that go along with the standard speech. It was at one of these Town Halls for example that we were all introduced to the new First Choice and Thomson TV ads and at a future Town Hall we were treated to a live performance of “Where is my mind” by Sunday Girl which is featured on the Thomson ad. Other examples include a can-can performance and a sample from the cast of Les Miserables, both part of our Cruise entertainment programme.

It’s fair to say that you never quite know what you are going to get!


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