My first placement with Aircraft Management is coming to an end…

Well, it’s the end of February, and that sees the end of my first placement here at TUI. Having worked with the team in Airline for the last three months, I feel I have just started to get my head around how the department works and our role within it.

I have been working with the entry into service team who are preparing for the delivery of the brand new aeroplane (or ‘airplane’ as they are most often called in the industry), the Boeing 787. It is a totally new type of aeroplane, with massive advances in the structure and the way it works, and TUI will be the first company in the UK to fly it.

Whilst very exciting, this also means there is a lot of work to be done across a large number of departments to ensure we have everything in place to ensure the smooth operation of the aircraft when the first one is delivered. Departments including Engineering, IT, Fleet Planning and Crew Planning all have to ensure procedures, equipment, people and training are in place to fit the new plane. Further departments such as Customer Service, Distribution and Product also have their work cut out designing what the new service will look like, and where it will fly our customers.

This is what I have been working to help achieve over the past three months. I have been responsible for liasing between these departments and developing my project management skills by creating and updating planning and tracking documents to ensure everyone is up to speed! I’ve also met with Boeing to further understand how we need to prepare for the arrival of our exciting new plane in 2013!

It’s been a fascinating three months, and I am sad to be moving on, but also looking forward to the new challenge that my next placement will bring. For the next three months, I will be working in out eCommerce department, working to help with updating our website, and tracking how ours is performing compared to others in the industry.

A concept pic of how the 787 might look
A picture of the plane I’ve been helping TUI prepare to receive

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