My First All Inclusive Holiday to Egypt

One of the perks of working for TUI is of course the holidays, so here’s my account of my first TUI holiday I went on with fellow grads Will and Dan as well as several of our friends.

After having made friends with First Choice’s most loyal customer on the plane (who was returning to Sharm El Sheikh for the ninth time) I was even more excited about experiencing an All Inclusive holiday for the first time and I knew I had a fantastic week was ahead of me.

The Egyptian hotel staff could not have been more attentive from the moment we entered the hotel complex. We were whisked off in a golf buggy and taken, along with our cases to our ‘standard room’ which was far from standard! I’d heard a lot about the Holiday Village’s enormous rooms before we left and my colleagues were not wrong.  My friend Connie and I were really impressed and even more excited for the week of luxury that lay ahead of us.

I asked our friendly concierge how far it was to the swimming pool and he responded “half an hour” and went on to giggle at the slightly disappointed look on my face. We then drew back the curtains to discover that our room in fact overlooked one of the hotels many swimming pools – this was our first taste of the Egyptian sense of humour that became a big feature of our holiday.

Holiday Village Pool
View from our balcony

We rushed down to get a taste of the food the hotel had to offer; confronted with the most incredible buffet selection, as well as stations with omelette, pizza and pasta made in front of you, to order. Before I left I took the advice of one of the lovely girls from the office. She’d told me to try to “make a meal out of it” as the temptation to mix a curry, omelette and lasagne all on one plate is surprisingly overwhelming! I instead opted for a delicious meal of sea bass and veg.

After settling in, the rest of the week was spent relaxing by the pool, swimming in the sea, visiting the onsite spa, making the most of the all inclusive cocktails, playing (or watching the boys play) beach volleyball and taking part in some terrifying watersports.

Volleyball in Egypt
Dan, Will and friends playing beach volleyball

We even got to meet Holiday Village’s very own mascot…. Shrek!

Rosie and Shrek!
Rosie with Shrek at the Holiday Village Sharm El Sheikh

Back to reality now with the start of second assignments….


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