Get to know the Grads – Part 4 – Richard

We continue our series of posts looking to get to know more about this year’s Grads. This week, we’re posing the questions to Richard.

Introducing Richard!

Brief introduction of yourself

I’m Richard. I’m 24 and I joined the TUI UK&I Grad scheme at the end of October 2011, moving from Kent to Luton (as the commute would have been a nightmare!).

 What did you do before TUI (University, previous work experience etc.)?

At University, I studied Archaeological Science. Essentially, it involved the wide range of analytical science techniques which support the analysis of archaeological remains – from geology to evolutionary biology. Having studied this to a Masters level, I felt it was time to do something different. Having worked for a short while in the recruitment industry and deciding it wasn’t for me, I found and applied for the TUI Leadership Grad Scheme

 How did you find TUI and why did you apply?

I came across TUI on the Milkround website. I had been looking for a while for a job that combined an international scope, the ability to broaden my skills and a product that I was passionate about. The opportunity with TUI fulfilled all those criteria and more, so I lost no time in applying!

Where are you working? How are you finding it?

I’m currently working in eCommerce, keeping track of how well our website is performing, as well as keeping an eye on the websites of similar companies in the industry.

Whilst I was a little nervous when I first heard I was going to be working in eCommerce, having little knowledge of websites to begin with, the support of the team has quickly gotten me up to speed with the department, and it is interesting to see how we ensure our website keeps running the best for our customers. Internet retail is a massive growth industry and it has been fascinating to be on the front end of the future of travel.

Most exciting or challenging thing you have done so far?

Well, one of the most exciting things I have been lucky enough to do was the flight I undertook to Innsbruck in the cockpit of a 757 (as I have described elsewhere on this blog – check out the photos!). It was certainly a memorable experience, and one that very few people have the opportunity to do.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy performing, both straight theatre and comedy. I’m also a keen cook and enjoy various arty pursuits.

Tell us something weird/different/interesting about yourself

I am an avid fan of hats, and can be easily identified on the way to and from the office by my signature fedora!



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