Where are they now? – Part 3

Today, we have another opportunity to see some of the paths the Grad scheme can lead by chatting with some of last year’s graduates. This time, we spoke with Victoria.



Who are you?

Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m one of the 2010 graduates.  After finishing the scheme, I now work in Retail Marketing and look after our digital point of sale marketing.  When I’m not at work I love going to the theatre, cooking and of course travelling!  Before I joined TUI I studied Business Management at King’s College London and have had a wide array of different jobs from finding film locations to organising music festivals.

Why did you choose the TUI UK Grad scheme

I chose the TUI grad scheme because it looked like a really interesting company to work for.  Where else are you going to get the chance to combine travel, languages, culture and business?  TUI also has really good sustainability credentials which is something that is very important to me.  Was it what I expected?  To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect, but it definitely hasn’t disappointed.

What roles did you do whilst on the scheme?

Publishing executive, Long Haul Product executive, Groups and Weddings executive, Sustainable Development Communications executive, Airline Environmental Management executive

Most exciting/challenging experience?

Trying to organise extra coaches and accommodation for around about 200 guests in peak season in Spain after a technical glitch grounding one of our planes overnight.

What is your role now?

Senior Retail Marketing Executive looking after the digital point of sale marketing

How has the Grad scheme helped you?

There have been so many great opportunities on the scheme that have helped to develop me and I’ve learned some really useful skills along the way, and of course, I now have a job which is a big help!

Do you have one tip for future grads?

Always try to make the effort to go and speak to someone directly, you often get a quicker response than if you send an email.  And I find that having a bag of sweets to hand can help in many a meeting!

Describe your grad scheme experience in 3 words:

Diverse, unique, challenging (in a good way!)


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