Get to Know the Grads – Part 6 – Rosie


Brief introduction of yourself

I’m Rosie, I graduated from Manchester university in 2011 and rewarded myself with an extended (5 month) summer of holidaying – all strictly research for my new job with TUI.  I relocated to the lovely city of St Albans from my sleepy market town in Buckinghamshire to be closer to London and my friends (and the office)!

What did you do before TUI (University, previous work experience etc.)?

Pre-TUI, I spent four years studying French and Business & Management.  For one of these years I worked in four different French holiday destinations, the first being DisneyLand Paris!  Next, I moved to Chambery to get the best out of a winter season in France, here I worked at the head office of a French holiday company as the HR intern.  I carried on my tour around the country and spent a couple of months on the beach in the Aquitaine region of France (when I wasn’t fulfilling my receptionist duties!).  I then moved on to France’s west coast where I spent a further two months as a receptionist near Nantes.

How did you find TUI and why did you apply?

I started to consider different graduate schemes when I moved back to Manchester for my final year.  I’d discovered a passion for the travel industry during my time in France, so when I stumbled upon the TUI UK & Ireland Graduate Leadership Program (I’m eternally grateful to the Facebook friend who mentioned the scheme in one of her status updates) I knew I had to apply.

Where are you currently working? How are you finding it?

I’m currently in After Travel, it’s the department our customers come through to with any queries after returning from their holiday.  My assignment has involved the modernisation of the department and there has been a lot to get my teeth stuck into over the past few weeks.  I absolutely love this assignment as it is so people-focussed and the department is like a whole other world, it’s very busy, very big, and very fun!

Most exciting or challenging thing you have done so far?

I was going to say my flight in the cockpit of a plane… but seeing as Richard got there first the second most exciting thing I’ve done has to be my first official work trip to Bodrum, in Turkey.   Myself and the other grads are all working on a project looking at the experience our customers get at overseas airports.  So Chloe and I jetted off to Bodrum to try it out for ourselves.  It was great to get a sneak preview of life overseas – meetings held al fresco (whilst sipping on Turkish tea and eating figs), the incredible weather and being surrounded by happy holiday makers!

Tell us something weird/different/interesting about yourself

Gordon Ramsey once kissed me (and I’ve got photographic evidence to prove it!)


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