Where are they now? – Part 4

We continue our look at the paths of 2011’s graduates by having a natter with Katy, and find out where her experiences have led her:


Who are you?

Hi! I’m Katy, I’m 24 and I graduated in 2010 with an MA in Geography from University of St Andrews.

Why did you choose the TUI UK Grad scheme?

Coming to the end of my degree I wasn’t sure what direction I want my career to go in, but I knew that I didn’t want to restrict myself by choosing a specialist graduate scheme that I wasn’t sure I would enjoy.  When I came for the assessment day at Tui, there was such a great atmosphere and I loved the buzz I could sense around the office.  One of the biggest draws for me was the variety of opportunities that I thought the scheme would present; and I’ve not been disappointed!

What roles did you do whilst on the scheme?

My first assignment in TUI was in the Airline, where I worked on a fatigue risk management project in the Crew Planning department. I then moved to the CRM team in Marketing where I enjoyed a mix of project work and day to day tasks including DM campaigns, before moving into the Cruise Commercial and Trading team to pick up a cruise loyalty project started by another of the graduates.  My overseas placement saw me spend 6 great weeks in the sunshine of the Algarve before retuning back to the office to commence a project in the Product Development and Delivery team, where I subsequently found a role.

Most exciting/challenging experience?

My overseas placement was great.  How many people get to leave the office behind in the UK and head to our frontline?  I loved seeing our customers and products first hand and observing how the complex overseas operation is run. I also think that while it presented many challenges, the placement overseas has provided me with really invaluable first hand knowledge that I now use in my day to day role.

What is your role now?

I am currently working as Product Development Executive – working on projects seeking to develop new holiday concepts for our brands and to enhance the differentiated product portfolio. It’s a great, varied role, and I love that I get to really interact with our products.

How has the Grad scheme helped you?

The grad scheme has obviously given me a lot of knowledge and experience, not just of our business but of the wider travel industry.  The L&D elements of the scheme have enabled me to develop transferrable skills that would allow me to take on a variety of roles.

Do you have one tip for future grads?

Learn something from everyone you meet.  And always say “yes”.  You will be offered so many opportunities, try to make the most of them all.  Sorry, that’s two!!!

Describe your grad scheme experience in 3 words (or short phrases!)

Varied, eye-opening and… fun!


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