My time in the After Travel Customer Support department is coming to an end…

I’m currently in the After Travel Customer Support department within the Holiday Experience division. It’s my third assignment and as with the previous two assignments, this one could not have been more different from the others.

After Travel is the department that looks after any customer queries once customers have returned from their holidays. It has been such an exciting place to be a part of – it’s the only one of my assignments so far that has been in a customer facing department. Although I have not been dealing directly with customers being somewhere where everyone around you is communicating with many customers on a daily basis creates an atmosphere that I have found to be highly motivational.

There is without a doubt a different feel to this department – its lively, young, and fun. There are always different things going on – whether that is fancy dress, managers getting gunged or ‘Fun time Friday’. The department even has its very own mascot who travels with anyone from the department that goes on holiday and he’s causing quite a stir on social media – check out Mr Fluffy’s adventures here

Captain Fluffy
Captain Fluffy

My role has involved supporting the launch of the new Quality Team within the department. I’ve had the opportunity to hold a lot of forums to gain feedback from both the Advisors and the Leadership Team on various recent changes and developments within the department. This feedback has then been discussed during weekly meetings with the Senior Management and I’ve then been able to see and facilitate the actions that have resulted.

I’ve absolutely loved this assignment and I believe this is down to the fact it has been such a people focussed role. It’s been challenging and there has been so much to get my teeth into, but that’s what has made it so interesting. I’ll be sad to leave this role and the department, but the 5 weeks in Lanzarote that lie ahead of me isn’t a bad alternative!


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