Week two – Getting to know the brands

Week two of our overseas experience is geared towards us gaining a thorough understanding of the different First Choice and Thomson brands.

On Tuesday I was sent off to Lanzarote’s Gold hotel. These hotels are aimed specifically at adults and have a jam-packed entertainment programme … As I was about to discover!

The morning was spent with Holiday Advisor Leigh and Team Leader Dave in the hotel which gave me a real insight into the customers that visit our Gold hotels (very friendly and have plenty of time for a good chat) as well as the type of queries that they have.

After a quick lunch it was straight into rehearsals for the evening show, and guess who was the guest starring!?

On my planner I had ‘Team Day’ written in for the afternoon, so naturally I was looking forward to an afternoon of team building activities with the whole resort team… how wrong I was! It quickly transpired that Team Day consisted of the Gold staff (HA, TL and the Entertainment team) verses the guests in an ‘Olympic-style’ games contest.

Of all the games we challenged the guests to, the best had to be the catapult. Different areas surrounding the pool (pool-bar, sun-loungers, balconies etc) were assigned different points depending on distance and a giant catapult was used to fire water balloons at guests. If you soaked a guest you were awarded the appropriate amount of points!

After dinner with the entertainment team it was time for the evening show (I was performing in the opening and closing dance, as well as being the magician’s assistant for one of the magic tricks). I thought my role in the show was almost over when I was encouraged to take part in the ‘human orchestra’. This was definitely one of the most ridiculous things I have ever done. I was transformed into several different musical instruments (piano, harp, trumpet and most ridiculous of all, accordion) to a backing track of the musical instrument. Needless to say the audience thought it was hilarious and photographed/ filmed every second of it.

I’m now off to scour YouTube/ TripAdvisor in search of any evidence from the night; in the meantime here is a picture of Leigh, Dave and myself just before going on stage.


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