From “The Graduate” to “The Holiday Tester”

Already in week 3! I can’t believe it! I am at least getting through my bucket list. So, thought I should give a quick overview of what I’ve been doing so far…

Week 1 was working on the front line – as an airport rep and holiday advisor – not without a good share of sickness, delays and dramas! I certainly learnt a lot this week and now fully appreciate just how much our overseas teams make the holidays we provide as excellent as they are.

In week 2 I was called ‘a holiday tester’ by the children at Holiday Village – a title I love – and wish it was true (could it even beat Tommy’s job?!) This was brands week and exhausting! Monday in HV doing all the kids’ activities (canoeing is my favourite!), BCM with 2wentys on Tuesday, the luxury of Couples on Wednesday (and another late night for the end of season jolly), Marineland in the pouring rain and Come Fly with me (another late night!) for my excursions day and still up for 8AM for Gold on Friday. Needless to say I was glad it was raining on Sunday for my day off so I had an excuse to stay in bed!!

This week coming up is management week and 3 excursions!

PS I will upload photos at a later date as I forgot the cable!!


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