Introduction to the UK Graduate Leadership Programme

Good afternoon everyone!

As we mentioned in the previous post there are 11 of us ‘new grads’ split between three separate programmes, UK Commercial, Finance and I.T. Over the next few weeks we’ll put up a post for each to give you all a bit more detail on the three programmes and what each entails.

The UK (Commercial) Graduate Leadership Programme lasts for 18 months and includes assignments in various mainstream business areas across TUI UK and Ireland. This involves working within Airline, Commercial, and Distribution as well as other Head Office functions. As part of the scheme we also have the opportunity to spend a placement working Overseas during the summer.

The breadth of experience provided by this scheme is a real advantage; we get great exposure to the range of functions across the business which ensures that the programme is varied and well-balanced. The assignments themselves include both day-to-day business activities and high profile project work. This means that as graduates we always have a challenging but exciting level of responsibility, as well as the valuable opportunity to work with senior managers across the business.

In addition to our assignments there is an ongoing commitment from the company designed to help us fulfil our potential. This includes a number of development workshops and training opportunities (such as Negotiation Skills, Project Management, and Leadership). There is also a comprehensive support system including Personal Mentors (Senior Managers) and Buddies (from previous graduate intakes), Line-Managers (for each assignment) and Graduate Development Managers (for the duration of the programme).

This has just been a brief introduction into the scheme so for more information have a look on the TUI jobs website:

Good luck!!


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