Introduction to the Finance Scheme

The TUI UK & Ireland Finance Graduate Development Programme enables us to spend time in three areas within the Finance Department on placements which last one year each. These roles could support any aspect of our business whether it’s our stores and websites (Distribution/Retail), the planes we fly (Airline), our holidays (Tour Operations) or the hard financials (Reporting). There is a lot of responsibility from day one but no matter what team we are working within, the Graduate Programme ensures we have the necessary support to succeed at not only our current role, but also within the business as a whole.

Alongside our roles the Finance Graduate Programme also provides support for completing the CIMA professional qualification. This is a challenging qualification to obtain but thanks to TUI’s generous study support we are always fully prepared. As we progress through the qualification there is increasingly more practical knowledge that transfers from classroom to the job.
There is also a comprehensive development agenda providing constant personal and professional improvement undertaken with graduates from all areas of the business.
As part of this there is the opportunity to work alongside these graduates to plan and carry out our own project work.

The scheme is designed to give us a well-rounded experience of the whole of the Finance Department as well as interaction and collaboration with other business areas – and it does just that! To find out more about the TUI UK & Ireland Finance Graduate Development Programme have a look here:


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