Get to know the 2012 Grads – Stuart


Name: Stuart

University and Degree: University of Southampton/BA (Hons) Managing and Developing Sport

What Scheme you are on: Finance

Why did you apply for the graduate scheme at TUI: I was already working for TUI so I already knew that I liked working here and that it was really going places.

What you are doing in your current assignment: My current annual placement is within Finance Distribution. I monitor our spend of the incentives we offer third parties (e.g. Thomas Cook) to sell our holidays, the revenue we generate by selling advertising space within our shops and analysing the amount we lose because of fraudulent activities each month.

Favourite thing about working at TUI: Emphasis on staff satisfaction – e.g. destination days, summer party, quiz nights etc.

What are your interests outside of work: Sports, travelling and socialising

What is your best holiday/travel experience: 6 weeks spent in South-east Asia

Dream holiday destination: Serengeti Safari

What is the cheesiest song on your i-pod: Raffi – Banana phone

Proudest achievement: 6th highest scorer in NCAA D2 USA college football (soccer) 2010/11 season

Interesting fact about yourself: My right foot is a size to a size and a half smaller than my left foot

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why: George Best – tap into his footy genius and find out about his adventurous lifestyle!


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