2012 Graduates going Overseas

So it’s the final day of our third placements and that means one thing – Commercial and I.T. grads are going overseas! The moment has finally arrived where we pack our bags, say an emotional farewell to Wigmore House and leave the Finance graduates to hold up the fort. For 5 weeks we get the chance to be customer facing staff in a number of resorts across Europe. We’ll experience everything from airport transfers, ‘What’s on Welcome’ meetings, excursions, the resort office and everything else that takes place abroad. It’s a truly unique experience and one we’re all looking forward to.

Rosie and Rosaleen will be heading to Majorca (Magaluf watch out), Emma is going to be taking in the sights of Menorca, Will has the task of keeping an eye on Sensatori Tenerife, Malcolm will attempt to live like a Spaniard in Malaga, Robina is going to be practising her Portugese in Faro, Anna will be zooming around Crete and Matt will try and keep up in Ayai Napa in Cyprus.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates on how we’re getting on and what we’re getting up to!

The commercial and I.T. grads show off their sleek new uniforms before jetting off overseas

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