Overseas Placement – Tenerife

Hola! Well I’m already coming to the end of my third week in Tenerife and time is flying by. I’m having an amazing time in resort and wanted to share some of what I’ve been up to since I arrived last month. The resort team in Tenerife have certainly been keeping me busy!

Week 1: This week was focused around understanding the role that the Holiday Advisor (HA) plays overseas. Amongst other things I have worked in a number of the hotels, shadowed airport arrival/departure transfers, watched What’s On Welcome Meetings and attended weekly team meetings and liquidation. A fairly hectic week which demonstrated how essential the role is that HAs play overseas and especially how hard they all work to provide truly memorable holidays.

Week 2: My second week involved getting to know the brands. I’m very fortunate to be in a resort that has a wide range of the brands that we offer, so I had the opportunity to spend time at a Holiday Village, Sensatori, SplashWorld and Thomson Family Resort. It was fascinating to see each concept in turn, and our differentiated products in action (Sensatori was a definite favourite. The background photo of this blog was actually taken at the infinity pool at Sensatori Tenerife). Talking of favourites, I was also lucky enough to go to Siam Park, one of the most popular excursions on the island. A water park so big it’s called a water kingdom (fully justified). I had a great day trying out all the slides, including the notorious ‘Tower of Power’ with its vertical 28m drop. Great fun!

Week 3: This week I’ve been working with the RTMs (Resort Team Managers), to understand more about their role and how challenging management roles are in an operational environment. This has covered performance management, 121s, controlling arrivals/departures at the airport, team meetings, sales/CSQ targets and so on. It’s great to see how much value is placed on the feedback given through CSQ results by both the RTMs and HAs (you’ve got to keep up with the acronyms overseas!). I was also asked to ‘control’ a flight arriving at the airport this week (under supervision don’t worry…) but thankfully no-one was left behind and all the customers got to the right hotel!

The last few weeks have been fascinating, action packed and great fun. It has been a wonderful opportunity to really understand what goes into the successful delivery of our holidays and I now fully appreciate all the hard work that the overseas teams put in to make our holidays so special for our customers.

I’ve attached some photos from the past few weeks below.

Hasta luego!

Will Prosser (UK Commercial Graduate)


One Reply to “Overseas Placement – Tenerife”

  1. Will has been working really hard here with us in Tenerife especially in our high diff products. I am sure Will be extreamly missed on his return to the UK 🙂

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