Meet the 2013 Grads – Laura


University and Degree: Lancaster University, Marketing BSc

What Scheme you are on: UK & I Leadership Scheme – Commercial

Why did you apply for the graduate scheme at TUI: When looking for graduate schemes, I wanted to work for a company that was customer focused and in an area that I was passionate about. Customer experience and travel is at the core of what TUI do, so we made a perfect match. (Plus – holidays have to be one of the most exciting products to work with!)

What you are doing in your current assignment: I am currently working within the product delivery and development department. Here, I am leading the digitalisation of our agreements with hoteliers on what they provide to our customers. With this – I work directly with hoteliers and different teams within TUI on a daily basis. I also work on business as usual tasks such as New Product Development research and processing data from customer questionnaires.   

Favourite thing about working at TUI: The people. There aren’t many companies where you can feel at home in the first week. TUI also offer a huge amount of opportunities on the graduate scheme to see different areas of the business – something which I think is vital.

What are your interests outside of work: I enjoy going to the theatre, travelling, seeing friends, learning more about London every time I visit and going to the occasional gig.

What is your best holiday/travel experience: Definitely going on an open top jeep ride through Monument Valley during a sand storm. We ended up turning orange for the day and I was forever finding sand in my things. My best friend would probably call it the worst experience of her life – but it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget!

Dream holiday destination: Hawaii! My mission is to visit every state in the USA at least once.

Interesting fact about yourself: I founded (and was president) of the knitting society at my university – it was surprisingly popular and a fantastic conversation starter in my interviews.

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you’d buy: A private jet to go see all of the other grads’ very nice chalets/apartments in different parts of the world – and a beach house in San Diego.

What is the cheesiest song on your i-pod: A pretty hard question, as my iPod is pure cheese. Probably the album Poptastic (although it is still a favourite on the drive to work!).


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