Meet the 2013 Grads – Louise


University and Degree: BBA Management – Australasia,  Lancaster University

What Scheme you are on: UK & I Leadership Scheme – I.T.

Why did you apply for the graduate scheme at TUI: I LOVE travelling, so when I graduated from university I jumped abroad and became a Thomson/Crystal (TUI brands) holiday rep for a year. I learnt so much working overseas and being part of a company that puts so much effort into the customer’s holiday experience I knew I wanted to stay within TUI. So I did some searching and found the TUI graduate scheme – the perfect opportunity to stay within the company but gain an increased exposure and further expand my knowledge of TUI.

What you are doing in your current assignment: My first placement was in the IT Portfolio team. This assignment has involved managing the risks and issues of the biggest project that TUI has ever embarked on. It is critical these are managed and resolved quickly to ensure the project will be delivered effectively and on-time. IT in TUI is exciting, fast-paced and the driving force of multiple projects with the business. This means I had to be ready to hit the ground running whilst also taking on the opportunity to learn from the different areas across IT and the business.

Favourite thing about working at TUI: How passionate people are about their jobs. There is always so much going on; however people are committed to work hard to deliver to the highest standard.

What is your best holiday/travel experience:  Thailand – an unbelievable, surreal, whirlwind tour.

Dream holiday destination: Backpacking around South America. It is definitely on the bucket list.

Proudest achievement: Bungee jumping into Lake Taupo in New Zealand. It did take A LOT of persuasion from my friend but I am so happy I did it.

Interesting fact about yourself: I have lived in 5 different countries in the past 3 years – as I said, I like to travel!

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you’d buy: Get a bunch of my mates together and buy first class tickets to Vegas. Even try and increase my winnings further!

If you could invite one person to a dinner party who would it be? Gordon Ramsey – purely to help in the kitchen for the actual dinner party! My cooking is pretty terrible… (even that is probably an understatement).

What is the cheesiest song on your iPod: Potentially my whole iPod collection?! I think Barry Manilow – Copacabana has to be one of the worse though…


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