Meet the 2013 Grads – Maja

ImageUniversity and Degree: BA Management and Leadership with International Studies, University of Exeter.

What Scheme you are on: UK&I Leadership Scheme (Commercial)

Why did you apply for the graduate scheme at TUI: I wanted a career that allowed me to combine my hobbies with work. I love to travel, so it was a fairly straight forward decision for me. The rotational structure of the scheme was a big factor too, because it allows us to try so many different roles within the company.

What you are doing in your current assignment: I am currently a part of the Product and Planning team within Thomson Cruises. My assignment has involved a large variety of tasks, including overseeing the creation of a brochure and researching new itinerary page designs for future editions that are in line with our current modernisation strategy.

Favourite thing about working at TUI: The rotational structure of the scheme is great because it allows us to get exposure to a whole range of departments, constantly meet new people and continue to develop your skill set.

What are your interests outside of work: I love travelling, and will take any opportunity to go abroad. I also really enjoy skiing, going to the theatre, reading and hiking. 

What is your best holiday/travel experience:  This is a really tough one for me, but I think it must be Kenyan Safari that I did over New Years 2013/14. Living in tents and being able to hear wild animals walking just meters away from you is an incredible experience. One day I opened my tent to find three rhinos sleeping less than 100m away, and the next day I saw a Cheetah teaching its cub how to hunt. It was awesome.

Dream holiday destination: I have always wanted to go to South Africa. I would go trekking in the rainforest and then attend the carnival in Brazil.

Proudest achievement: Moving to Hong Kong on my own in 2011. I am from Sweden, so it was a big culture change for me. During my year there I picked up some Mandarin and spent my days studying, travelling and meeting heaps of interesting people – I even ate a chicken foot!  

Most adventurous thing you’ve ever eaten: An Ox testicle.

Interesting fact about yourself: I once dislocated my knee when hiking in the Kebnekeise mountain range and had to continue for 5 days with crutches made from thin tree branches.

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you’d buy: I would by a ski chalet in Aspen with a helicopter platform for the chopper that would take me up into the powder each morning. But since Liza is buying that too, I would just buy a ticket to go visit her in her chalet.


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