Meet the 2013 Grads – Caroline

ImageUniversity and Degree: Newcastle University, Accounting.

What Scheme you are on: UK & I Graduate Leadership Scheme – Finance

Why did you apply for the graduate scheme at TUI: I think if you can find a job doing something you enjoy, in an industry you love and are passionate about, then you are pretty lucky and should grab the opportunity, so that’s what I did! Plus, on the Finance scheme TUI offer a great training package for CIMA and the rotation aspect of the scheme really appealed to me because of the range of experiences it offers.

What you are doing in your current assignment:  I am in Cruise Finance at the moment, working on a number of things including ancillaries tracking, so that’s the additional extras we offer on board our ships from shore excursions to spa treatments and duty free shopping. I also look at how our cruises have traded on a weekly basis compared to last year and I have been involved with forecasting and planning for forthcoming seasons.

Favourite thing about working at TUI: Has to be the products we sell – working with holidays gives each day a buzz, and is very exciting, especially when we’re talking about new destinations to visit. The people are amazing as well.

What is your best holiday/travel experience: I have a feeling my best holiday is yet to come – I’m travelling round parts of South America this summer. I’m especially looking forward to Machu Picchu as that has been on the list for a while, as has Buenos Aires, but if I had to choose my best holiday to date it would be travelling the States last summer – amazing experience.

Dream holiday destination: Bora Bora, French Polynesia. One day, I will make it there!

Most adventurous thing you’ve ever eaten: Hmm, Reindeer I think!

Favourite film: Would have to be City of God.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why: I would love to meet Obama, I think he has an incredible life story.

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you’d buy: I don’t know which one I’d buy first, but in some order; a holiday to my dream destination (see above!), an apartment in New York, an exciting car of some sort – would have to research that one, and a Dachshund.

What is the cheesiest song on your i-pod: Oh dear, Backstreet Boys – Everybody. Pretty ashamed of that one.


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