Guest Blogger – TUI International Graduate Scheme


Today, we have a guest blogger, Jonathan! At TUI, alongside the UK & I Graduate Schemes, the TUI Travel International Graduate Programme is also accepting applications. Read below to find out about Jonathan’s experiences so far, with more details available by clicking here for the TUI Graduate recruitment website.

Name: Jonathan Ralph

University & Degree: University of Bath: Modern Languages & European Studies (French & Spanish)

What scheme are you on? International Graduate Leadership Programme

Why did you choose TUI? I wanted to see the world. When I was getting ready to leave Uni I was petrified of becoming trapped by a cycle of work and living for the weekend in the UK – TUI offered me something no-one else could; working in various placements across different countries TUI operate in. Now I’m using my languages, learning some new ones, and going to some incredible places as I do it! And since joining I’ve been given some incredible training; it’s only been 5 months but I already feel like an accomplished professional, with real responsibility and the chance to really shape my career in any way I see fit. It’s not easy going to live in a new country every few months – and it’s by no means for everyone – but if you love travel and want to develop a truly rounded and global skill-set then I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.

Describe your placements up to now: The first placement I was given was in Mainstream Purchasing (Luton, UK), working on the development of a Big Data planning tool. That sounds dull – and that’s what I thought at first! But I was working in a young, dynamic and international team, using global information to change the way we contract hotels. I learnt an enormous amount and met some incredible people – it was a great way to kick things off. After that, I moved out here to Paris to TUI France, where I’m taking on a fair few solo projects: a major restructuring of our flight portfolio; a new marketing strategy for our promotional prices; process alignment for new sales initiatives; the development of a top-level management information tool (fortunately this last one’s within a team of people, all of whom a lot more knowledgeable than myself!) Out here in France I’ve had huge exposure to some very influential players in the business and the wider group, it’s an incredible opportunity to put myself out there, get noticed and make a real difference to the way we do business in this country. I love it. I’m also trying to arrange my next placement, hopefully in Specialist & Activity out in Toronto – fingers crossed!

Favourite aspect of working at TUI:
The people, hands down. When you work with people with a genuine passion for what they do, it’s infectious. What’s more, having a great network of like-minded graduates across all of our source markets really helps when you’re making the transition to life in new places, fun people are never far away. Oh and one more thing! The work/life balance you get working for TUI is just fantastic. The hours are flexible, it’s not about being chained to a desk for 8 hours a day, and your colleagues know how to have a good time! That’s more than one favourite aspect, but that’s surely no bad thing. To be honest if you’ve read this far and haven’t been put off by the scheme yet, you should probably just go for it!


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