Three months with Thomson Airways – Liza

Time is flying by (no pun intended) for us grads. It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago I was packing up to move down to London and start on my TUI adventure. Now, I’m three months in and have already completed my first project.

I was placed in the Systems & Compliance team, within the Crew Planning department at Thomson Airways. My project involved reviewing our current method of storing all crew member training records, and making recommendations on alternative solutions.

My day-to-day tasks varied massively. I would be carrying out research into competitors one day, and learning about airline computer systems the next. Many hours were spent just trying to get my head around all the airline acronyms: IDPS, BALPA, OTP, ATE, EASA, ATQP… confusing? Yes, I filled two A4 pages with them!Image

The project was extremely detailed and, if implemented, the new solution would have a significant impact on a number of teams across the airline. As such, there were lots of stakeholders involved, all with differing opinions, and it was down to me to ensure everyone’s views were heard and considered. Every change that was proposed or made also had to be clearly communicated to all the appropriate people. My stakeholder relationship management skills have most definitely developed.

Busy though my project was, I was certainly not glued to my desk. During my time with the airline I met a member of every team to learn about their role; visited ‘The O.C’ (a 24 hour hub of flight activity) and listened in on crew enquiries; took a familiarisation flight to Cyprus and back; and checked out flight simulators at the Boeing training campus in Gatwick.

ImageWorking with Thomson Airways showed me just how much goes into getting our holidaymakers to and from their destination – it’s a fast-paced and extremely precise operation, if a little chaotic at times! I learned a huge amount, and my highlight would have to be seeing my business case finally ready to be presented after all the hard work I’d put into it over those 12 weeks.

Liza Stevenson (UK&I Commercial Graduate)


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