Laura’s first placement in Product Development and Delivery

When I began my first placement, I was placed into the product delivery team which works with hoteliers, entertainment and children’s reps (and much more) throughout what we call our ‘hard Sensatoridifferentiated’ products such as Sensatori, and Holiday Village.

In my first week, I was introduced to the team and immediately given the responsibility to work with colleagues to develop new guidelines that hoteliers have to meet to ensure consistencies within our products.

My placement offered a wide range of different opportunities to get involved with, including working with TUI Germany, being made directly responsible for driving the modernisation of the yearly specification updates with hoteliers, and working with our questionnaire results to understand how small changes in the product offering affect the customer’s holiday.

TDawgAs well as gaining insight into commercial from what I was doing – just by getting to know the team, I could see what else happens in my department and how much effort small changes take. From being sat next to Seb the slide tester and discussing the best slides First Choice have to offer (yes – that is a real job!) to meeting Thomson the Dog and seeing how he is integrated into the holiday experience.

Working with my team was a fantastic opportunity, but what makes the grad scheme special are the opportunities to go further than your placement. I attended a ‘Hackathon’ with e-commerce where we worked on improving our product website pages. I also had the chance to go to the Planning and Trading Conference in Tenerife where I was able to meet the wider Commercial team and get to know much more about our products by seeing them in real life.

Holiday village

This placement was an invaluable experience and something that I thoroughly enjoyed being part of – what I have learnt from the work I was involved in and the team I worked with can now be carried through to my next placement and offer a different perspective to a completely new area of the business.

Laura Broadbent (TUI UK&I Commercial Graduate)


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