Laura’s experience within Airline

Thomson 787

I am not really sure why, but I have always loved flying. Perhaps it is knowing you are off on an exciting trip or because it is something out of the ordinary, either way I was particularly pleased to be placed in Airline for my first placement.

The Customer Service part of Airline consists of teams covering areas such as Product Development (my team), Cabin Service Delivery and Airport and Ground Ops, with people undertaking a variety of jobs such as managing the in-flight commercial programme to managing operations at our overseas airports.

My role in particular was focused on the customer experience, consisting of 3 very separate projects, which I was given responsibility to manage and lead. All 3 projects, although different, were focussed on the aim of increasing individualisation, personalisation and recognition of customers in-flight, and allowed me to work with a variety of people across the business including marketing, product development and our cabin crew.

I didn’t really have a ‘typical day’ as the work varied so much. Balancing 3 separate projects meant there was a large variation in what my focus would be for the day and a need to perfect my time management! Personally, I really enjoyed not having a standard routine, but to give you an idea I was often in meetings with various stakeholders, presenting to my team on my progress, completing and analysing customer and market research or getting my head round commercials.

A particular highlight of my time in Airline was the Airline Customer Service Conference, held at Twickenham. Despite not being a rugby expert, it was a pretty exciting venue and was topped off by a visit and speech from Mark Foster (who I’m aware is a swimmer and not a rugby player…). Combined with other presentations and an award ceremony, the whole day really emphasised what a developing and exciting part of the business Customer Services is, and what a fantastic bunch of people form the teams.

Laura Howard (UK&I Commercial Graduate)


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