Louise’s 1st IT Placement

So my TUI graduate scheme started within the IT Portfolio Management Office (PMO) working on the largest project TUI has ever embarked on. TUI is undergoing a complete transformation of its IT systems which will truly change how TUI will operate in the future. As you can imagine, this requires a lot of hard work and dedication from a multitude of people to ensure it is delivered successfully. My role in particular in the PMO was heavily involved in risk management. With any programme of this size, there are always going to be risks and issues that need to be strategised and resolved effectively. It was my job to manage these risks (which there has been many!) ensuring various stakeholders were aware, providing assurance to senior leaders they are being proactively worked on and ensure they are being resolved as efficiently as possible.

This role has proved to be challenging and it really was a ‘hit the ground running’ experience. However, it provided me contacts with numerous people in different departments in IT and the wider business and showcased my work in front of senior leaders. It was also exciting knowing and understanding the ‘ins and outs’ of this project which is currently the key priority of TUI. My 6 months in the PMO team has taught me to work effectively to tight time pressures, develop my stakeholder management skills and provide an experience how large programmes are operationally run.

Outside of this placement, the IT department as a whole has been fantastic. From all this hard work I have mentioned there have also been opportunities to socialise and meet the departments in a more informal way. In November, I was invited to Palma, Majorca for the IT overseas conference. A brilliant way to meet the team outside the office but also meet new faces from different departments – a great experience! Other experiences have also included complementary evening meals and events for the IT department to celebrate our hard work and commitment.


Overall, my first 6 months has been a fantastic experience and provided me the skills and networks to continue to develop in my next rotation.

Louise Dwyer (UK&I I.T. Graduate)


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