Insight from a few ex-graduates (Part 1)

All grads get nervous about that fateful moment when they finally leave the scheme and have to step into the day-to-day working world of TUI. To calm our nerves we met some ex-graduates who have gone on to find fantastic roles across the business, and asked for a few words of wisdom…

Name: Will Ashurst

Graduate scheme: UK&I Commercial 2011

Current role:  Partnerships Marketing Manager


What was your favourite placement during the grad scheme, and why?

My favourite placement was in the Airline Customer Services Team. For my placement, I managed the trial to bring Starbucks on board our aircraft. During this project, I worked on the product range, pricing, logistics behind bringing the products on board and the service flow for staff. This was one of my favourite placements because it was completely new and allowed me to take ownership of the project with a large amount of responsibility.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given career-wise?

Probably ‘keep it simple’ and ‘just do it’. I learn better by getting involved and learning from experience.

What is your one key piece of advice for a graduate during the scheme?

Always network. It’s incredibly useful to be able to call on different areas of the business for future placements and eventually for the job you end up in. Having those contacts can give you multiple perspectives for projects and help you to easily involve other areas of the business.

What has been the biggest learning experience in your career so far?

The biggest lesson that I have taken so far is that getting along with people is key. Interpersonal skills are the foundation for success, and it’s important to make sure you’re always developing these skills.


Name:  Emma Bean

Graduate scheme: UK&I Commercial 2012

Current role: Portfolio Change Analyst


What does your current role involve?

I’m in the Customer Operations Change Team, which works alongside project managers to ensure that any change impacting our customer-facing colleagues is successfully embedded, with minimal disruption to our operations and customers. One of the best things about my job is working closely with people from all over the company, as well as external suppliers and consultants. Change management is currently a key focus for the business, so it’s exciting to be in a team that’s growing and taking on more challenging projects.

What was your favourite moment during the grad scheme, and why? 

I think the highlight has to be my overseas placement. It was an amazing whirlwind of new experiences and I learnt so much that has since helped me back at Head Office.  On my trips around Menorca I spent time with our reps, managers, entertainers and childcare colleagues and saw first-hand how hard they work to look after our customers. Chatting to holidaymakers whilst trying out excursions was fun too.

 If you didn’t work in travel, what would be your next choice of career, and why? 

Before joining TUI, I had my heart set on a career in marketing and had just completed a qualification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. One of the great things about the grad scheme though, is that it allows you to experience business areas that you may not have considered otherwise. I’d never even heard of the role of Portfolio Change Analyst before joining my final placement!


Name: Rosie StanyerRosie Stanyer

Graduate scheme: UK&I Commercial 2011

Current role: Distribution Training Consultant


What does your current role involve?

It is my responsibility to develop training materials and deliver training to our colleagues in Thomson travel shops and our contact centres.

What is your one key piece of advice for a graduate during the scheme?

Being thrown in at the deep end is absolutely the best and most exciting way to learn but you have to use the knowledge, expertise, experience and help of as many people around you as possible.

What has been the biggest learning experience in your career so far?

Seeing one big project through from concept to completion in my current role has been my biggest learning experience and something I’ve really enjoyed.  On the scheme you often hand over projects at the end of your placement, so picking something up and owning it from start to finish is a great accomplishment.


Watch this space for Part 2…

2013 UK&I Graduates


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