Insight from a few ex-graduates (Part 2)

We promised a second round of insider knowledge from our lovely predecessors, so here it is!

Name: Sarah Hillman

Graduate scheme: UK&I Commercial 2011

Current role: Project Manager, Web


Did you always see yourself in the role that you’re in now, or did the scheme help to shape this?

No, I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to be but I always imagined I would end up in a Commercial area like Purchasing. I did a Project Management course as part of the Graduate Scheme, fancied trying it so got a placement in the Business Change department. I loved it so much I never left.

What is your favourite thing about working for TUI?

My favourite thing about the company is the people you get to work with. Everybody is full of enthusiasm and positivity.


Name: Matt FrostMatt Frost

Graduate scheme: UK&I Commercial 2012

Current role: Overseas Delivery Manager


What does your current role involve?

I’m responsible for developing and implementing service initiatives to our overseas staff

Looking back at your time on the scheme, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have taken on a more commercial placement, where I was fully emerged into how we package holidays. Even if you asked me now how we price and put together holidays I wouldn’t really know. A lot of our board members have a good grounding of how the business operates so its important knowledge to have. That’s not saying the opportunity wasn’t there, I applied for a purchasing placement on the scheme, but was offered this job and it made more sense to take the permanent position in an area I really liked.

Why did you decide on a career in travel?

When I came out of University I wanted to work in a successful business with well-known brands. Also, my hobbies and interests are sports, travel and food, so I applied for lots of graduate schemes in those industries. I did international business as a degree so working for an international travel company was the best fit. Basically, working in travel allows me to combine ambition, education, and hobbies – so it’s ideal.


Robina GoedeName: Robina Goede

Graduate scheme: UK&I IT 2012

Current role: Business Improvement Analyst




What does your team do?

We are internal business consultants for process improvement and reengineering

What was the biggest surprise to you about the grad scheme?

  1. The social aspect – all the grads, no matter from which intake or which scheme have such a great relationship with each other. Even now that most of us have left the scheme and taken on roles all over the company we still have lunch together, go for an after-work drink, and even go on weekend and holiday trips together.
  2. Fun teams & fun times – the great majority of teams here at TUI are incredibly sociable and easy going. Everybody enjoys having a laugh and has time for a joke even at the busiest of times.
  3. So much to learn – it doesn’t matter that you don’t have placements in other areas of the company. IT gets involved in almost every project across the business, which means that you’ll be able to acquire knowledge of the whole business and network.
  4. It never gets boring – There are so many exciting project to get involved in, meaning that you’ll never get bored.

If you didn’t work in travel, what would be your next choice of career, and why?

Most important for me, when I was looking for a grad scheme, was to choose an industry and a company with products that I could relate to and that would make people happy. I don’t think there are many other industries that meet this criteria as well as the travel industry.



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