Young Travel Professionals…

…that’s us!

A few weeks ago Liza, Lynsey and I (along with two international graduates) attended the launch event of London YTP.

In their own words, YTP is:

“The Future Generation of the Travel & Hospitality Industry, a group for young professionals in the travel & hospitality industry who are interested in networking and connecting with the next generation of industry leaders.”

It is an international group that originated in the US and has a strong global presence including networks in NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, and now even London, that discusses the future of the travel industry.

Lynsey, Mar (Int Grad) & Me
Lynsey, Mar (Int Grad) & Me

We didn’t really know what to expect when we walked into BBar in London and we were all a little nervous of what was to come, but we were greeted by our smiling hostesses Alex and Helen who introduced us to some of the other guests. We mingled with other travel professionals over wine and nibbles, and through our conversations we got an insight into areas of the industry that are different from TUI.

This network is not just for tour operators, it is open to anyone working in travel, from travel advisors, to hoteliers, to travel app developers, so you can really get an insight into the industry as a whole. It’s great to talk to a group where everyone has the same goal in mind; to develop and discuss ideas for bringing the travel industry forward. Topics included how can we best use technology as an enabler for our industry, and what are the key travel trends to come?

In an opening presentation delivered by Alex and Helen we learned that the YTP offers a mentoring programme, and each monthly get together has a different topic to discuss. We were also asked to propose ideas for taking the YTP to the next level, and Liza, Lynsey & I all managed to win prizes due to our suggestions! Our proposals included “office breakfasts” where people interested in the network could drop in and ask questions/sign up, and a YTP hashtag for social media. Go TUI! 😉

Liza & Camillo (Int Grad)
Liza & Camillo (Int Grad)

But on a more serious note, we now we have two key objectives with YTP; to bring innovation to the industry of travel, and to bring more people to the YTP. So if you work, or are interested in working in the travel industry (which I can only assume you are as you are looking at this blog) then I suggest you sign up to their website and come along to the next event to join the discussion of the future of the travel industry.

Hopefully I’ll see you at the next event!

Maja Lunsjo (UK&I Commercial Graduate)


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