Let the grads, see the holidays!

The last week of a placement is always a challenging one. Not only do you have to tick off any remaining items on your to-do list, but you also have the exciting prospect of some annual leave, and a new project for you to get your teeth into.  It can make maintaining focus a little challenging… and it has to be said that this week is the most challenging of them all, because come September we will be on our OVERSEAS PLACEMENTS!

With 5 weeks delivering round-the-clock customer service, supporting airport transfers, and attending excursions in the beautiful European sunshine to look forward to, our lunchtimes are currently spent discussing very important issues: Who has completed their online learning? Which shoes would best match our shiny new uniforms (Converse vs Toms)? How many bikinis are we taking (I think Ben plans on 4)? The conversation is full of anticipation, and the questions are endless.

Liza, Maja, Katie & Lynsey showing off their new uniforms!
Liza, Maja, Katie & Lynsey showing off their new uniforms!

So, where are we heading? Well, Ben and his 4 bikinis are heading to Crete to check out the delights that Malia has to offer; Liza is going to be climbing Mount Teide in Tenerife (in the hope of finding some snow); Laura B will be chilling (or rather burning) with our customers in a beautiful Portuguese bay; Louise will be joining our 2wentys customers in getting a taste of the local nightlife in Magaluf, Mallorca; Maja will be hanging out with some drag queens in Gran Canaria; Katie will be visiting ‘The Jewel of the Mediterranean’; and I will arrive in Ibiza just in time for the closing parties, secretly hoping for another guest appearance from The Saturdays in our new Holiday Village.

All the while Laura H will be here in Wigmore House with the finance grads, working hard in her new permanent role and waiting to welcome a group of fresh new grads to the World of TUI.

Watch this space for regular updates from across the Med…

Lynsey Burns (UK&I Commercial Graduate)


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