When hiking, we wear pink!

I just wanted to take a moment and share with you all what was probably the best experience of my time overseas.

There is a charity called the Long Walk, and it is a 70 km (three day) hike across the island of Gran Canaria through a mountain chain that raises money for breast cancer. You can either do the whole three days, or just one day if you want to take part but can’t dedicate three full days. The Gran Canaria Thomson team really came together here. All the reps joined in for the final day, and we even had a Resort Team Manager join the group of 10 who undertook the full three days. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement!

On the day of the hike we got on the Thomson bus up to the village of Fetaga, 26 km from the coast. It was not just reps and RTMs, but admin staff, entertainers, scuba instructors and even the area manager had all pulled together to represent Team Thomson in support of this great cause. When we got to Fetaga we joined the 10 Long Walkers and set off to hike our way back to the coast in the 33 degree heat. It was so much harder than I had predicted. Many of us had misjudged how much water we would need and how difficult the terrain would be on our feet, so we really had to support each other through the process. It took us five hours with resting stops when we came across large enough patches of shade, and everyone was sore and exhausted. But it was all worth it!


When we finally got down through the mountain and made it back to the coast we were met by a mass of people with pink helium balloons and massive pink ribbons. The welcome group was largely made up of women who were affected by the illness, and many of them were crying and hugging us as we walked in. It was an incredibly emotional moment, and one I will remember for a very long time. We raised approximately €10,000 for breast cancer and had an incredible and rewarding experience in the process. I am so impressed at how this team came together for such a great cause – and I really hope I can join them again next year.

If you want more information then feel free to read this article by the Canary News; http://thecanarynews.com/riu-palace-coordinates-surprise-welcome-for-the-long-walk-gran-canaria-participants/

or look at the facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/TheLongWalkGranCanaria


Maja Lunsjo (UK&I Commercial Gradaute)


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