Liza’s experience in Tenerife

As noted in one of our previous blogs, the 2013 UK&I Commercial and IT graduates recently got to experience the “front line” of TUI in our overseas destinations. Read below to see Liza’s experience in the lovely island of Tenerife. Keep checking back to see how the other graduates got on too!

Name: LizaLiza at Mount Teide

Overseas location: Tenerife

Favourite thing about the 5 week overseas placement: My favourite part of the experience has to have been the Freebird Gold excursion. The excursion programme in Tenerife is large and varied, making choosing what to squeeze into my 5 excursion days very difficult! Freebird is a catamaran boat excursion with cava and a photo on arrival, all-inclusive drinks throughout the 3 hour sail, and a Canarian buffet lunch. However, the best thing about this trip is the guarantee that you will see dolphins or pilot whales in their natural habitat (see below) It was wonderful! There’s even a short swim stop to relax in the sea, or settle a queasy sea-sick stomach!

Pilot Whales on the Freebird Gold excursion

My biggest learning: My biggest learning from my time overseas was the fine balance that our purchasers have to find between maintaining good relationships with our hotelier partners, and ensuring we secure the best hotels for the TUI product portfolio. I was lucky enough to spend a day with one of our purchasers, attending negotiation meetings with a few of our key hoteliers in Tenerife. A mixture of niceties and ‘getting down to the nitty gritty’ was needed in order to negotiate our preferred proposal for the coming seasons, and I was really impressed at the rapport that our purchaser built with our hoteliers, it was such a good learning experience!

Liza Stevenson (UK&I Commercial Graduate)


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