Laura’s time in Portugal

Name: Laura 2014-09-25 23 29 38

Overseas destination: Portugal

Favourite thing about the 5 week overseas placement: In Portugal we offer a variety of excursions for our customers to experience. I was lucky enough to get to experience one of these excursions; ‘Sunset and Moonlight’. This was a 4×4 jeep trip to the top of the Monchique mountains in Portugal. After stopping at various photo spots, and to smell the herbs and flowers along the way, we were taken to an ideal spot to watch the sunset (with unlimited bubbly for everyone!).

2014-09-29 17 46 51 HDR-1

My biggest learning: From my overseas experience, my biggest learning was actually how to manage people. Overall, the leadership scheme is all about helping us develop our skills and there is nothing quite like going overseas and learning from the front line of our company. Learning from the managers overseas it was clear they were incredibly dedicated to their jobs. It was great to see what impact they have on the customer’s experience.

Laura Broadbent (UK&I Commercial graduate)


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