2014 Finance Grad: Alexander Gimblett

Picture1Name: Alexander Gimblett

Degree and University: Geography, University of Cambridge

Which TUI graduate scheme you’re on: Finance Graduate Scheme

What are you doing in your current assignment?: My current role is within Commercial Finance: Accommodation. This consists of producing weekly reports which highlight our performance at hotels where we have a part-commitment and identifying potential problem units. I’m also involved in analysing our Accommodation Only business and regularly update our forecasts to reflect recent trends. Finally, I investigate hotel payments to see if our accruals (finance term…basically what we expect to pay) match the invoices we have received. When we’ve overpayed, I prepare the evidence so that it can be sent to the hotel. Finding an overpayment is pretty satisfying!

What is your favourite thing about working at TUI?: The best thing about TUI is the fantastic product. If you’re behind the product, then you’ll enjoy work and perform better!

What were you doing at this time last year?: Applying to the TUI Finance Graduate Scheme… I was also coming to the end of my last Michaelmas term at university and therefore making the most of my final days as a student.

What has been your best holiday?: Cancun, Mexico. I’ve visited Cancun a couple of times now and it’s a great place to go. It’s one of the few holiday destinations where you can go swimming in the Caribbean sea, visit unique historical sites like Chichen Itza or Tulum AND enjoy Latin America’s no. 1 nightlife all in the same day. And then there’s the amazing food…

Three interesting facts about you:

I was very nearly born in Australia…long story

I’m half Mexican, so am bilingual in Spanish and have all the necessary stereotypical belongings: mariachi hat, poncho etc.

My one fear is heights…pretty odd as I’m a huge fan of the airline industry

Three top tips for the application process:

Prepare x10. Treat every stage as though it were the final interview.

Make sure you think carefully about what you say in the assessment centre and interview. It’s always best to spend a few seconds thinking about your response. It’s very important to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of ‘out-of-the-box’ examples which you can use to answer the numerous competency questions. We’ve all heard about your position as prefect when you were at secondary school so try thinking about more recent examples!


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