2014 UK&I Graduate Leadership: Sarah Johnson

Name: Sarah Johnsonsarah photo

Degree and University: BA Modern Languages, Durham University

Which TUI graduate scheme you’re on: UK & I Graduate Leadership Scheme

What are you doing in your current assignment?: I’m currently working with the Ancillaries team, who source, manage and market all the things that we sell that are an add-on to our main package holidays – so everything from excursions and weddings to car hire and extra legroom seats. In my assignment I’m working on a number of projects around excursion sales and strategy.

What is your favourite thing about working at TUI?: The people – it’s wonderful to work with colleagues who are so genuinely passionate about what they do (but the amazing travel benefits are a close second!)

What were you doing before you joined TUI? After graduating I spent a year in Paris, first working as a Nanny and later working at the British Embassy.

What has been your best holiday? Two weeks inter-railing around Italy last summer – amazing culture and enormous amounts of the world’s best gelato/pizza/coffee – what’s not to love?

Three interesting facts about you:  

I can speak three languages

You could say I have itchy feet – I’ve moved seven times in the last four years (and lived in three different countries!)

I’m a proud soprano in the TUI choir!

Three top tips for the application process:

1) In an interview scenario, don’t worry about taking your time to answer a tricky question – the interviewer won’t mind you taking a minute to collect your thoughts, and you’re likely to give a much clearer, concise answer.

2) Be sure to research the company, and the travel industry more generally, before you apply and most definitely before you attend an interview  – it will be difficult to prove your interest in the role if you haven’t taken the time to learn a bit about the company.

3) Make sure you do a few practice tests before completing the online numerical and verbal reasoning tests (especially if like me maths has been very much off your radar for the last half-decade!)

What’s your proudest achievement and why? Graduating on a sunny day in Durham cathedral in 2012 – a lovely day to celebrate four years of hard work (and I got to wear an enormous furry hood- see above!)


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