2014 UK&I Graduate Leadership: Anthony Marlow

Name: Anthony MarlowAnthony pho

Degree and University: International Development, Sussex University

Which TUI graduate scheme you’re on: UK&I Graduate Leadership Scheme

What are you doing in your current assignment?: A whole range of things! I am working in the Product Development & Delivery team and during the last few weeks I have been looking at  what benefits technology such as tablets can bring to certain aspects of our business; the costs and incomes of providing childcare on some of our holidays; and finally, exploring the range of tea and coffee facilities that we provide in some of our hotels, including finding out about some of our customers favourite brands of tea and coffee.

What is your favourite thing about working at TUI?: The roast at lunch (It is seriously good!). No, it has to be the people! Everyone is so friendly and willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

What were you doing at this time last year?: Working for a wine retailer, powering through the Christmas rush.

Three interesting facts about you:

I have a slight obsession with Kanye West. So far I have only seen him in concert twice (once in New York which was amazing!) but I plan to increase that number.

I have a talent for burning food – it is a natural gift.

I am an undefeated scalextric champion.

Who would be your ideal dinner party guest and why?: Can you guess? It would be Kanye West because after dinner entertainment would be sorted and I bet he has got some amazing stories to tell.

Which world landmark would you most like to visit in the future and why? The Iguazu Falls because they look beautiful!

What has been your best holiday?: One of my best holidays (sitting on the fence slightly) was my recent interrailing trip around some of Europe’s most attractive cities including Berlin, Prague and Bratislava. Getting to see so many different attractions and experience so many different cultures, in such a short time, was amazing.


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