Laura’s First Resort Visit!

Three weeks into my second placement with the Product Development and Delivery Team, I was invited to accompany my manager on a resort visit to Cyprus (I’d assumed that travel might be one of the perks of the job and finally the day had arrived!). The Product Development and Delivery Team are in charge of delivering out branded products (Sensatori, Holiday Village etc) and work closely with hoteliers to ensure that we provide the perfect customer experience so numerous resort visits are part and parcel of their jobs! OK, so the 4.15am start on Monday was not ideal, but after several coffees, a train and coach journey, I was taking off, ham and cheese croissant in hand.

We arrived in a wet and chilly Cyprus, but we were greeted warmly by the hotel staff and shown to our rooms. We’d arrived quite late, so a quick dinner was in order before turning in for the night, in preparation for an early start!

The next morning I woke up to this:laura resrot visit

For a Tuesday morning at work, the view was pretty good (this photo was obviously sent to everyone I know, just to make them jealous). We started the morning travelling to the hotel we had come to see (it was closed over the winter so we were staying in a hotel up the road). We met the hotelier and were treated to the grand tour of the hotel, all of its restaurants and pools, the spa and a selection of the rooms. It was certainly strange seeing a hotel with absolutely no guests but there were lots of people around, making sure everything was perfect for its reopening in April.

Then it was back to our hotel (where the heating was on!) for a sit down meeting with the hotelier. It was great to see how the relationship with our hoteliers works and how passionate they are about providing a great experience for our customers. They have such a wealth of knowledge about our customers, from what foods will be the likely favourites in the buffet spread, to the most popular spot by the pool.

Overall it was great to experience the hotel, and get a feel of what we look for in our branded hotels. It was eye-opening to see just how much work goes into ensuring the hotels are just right for the customer, right down to the napkins and how they fold the towels in your room. So next time you find yourself in a hotel, take the time to appreciate all the little things that you’d normally take for granted (even that plug socket next to the bed which you’d just assume would be there) – every small detail is planned meticulously.

Laura Jenkins


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