Alex Gimblett’s Lates flights to Mexico!

One of the great benefits of being at TUI is the chance to take hugely discounted flights to our many exciting destinations. If there are spare seats on a Thomson Airways flight three days before its departure, you can apply to fly at a fraction of the price!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a few days of annual leave to take so decided to apply for “Lates” flights to Mexico with my friend Adam from online marketing. This meant submitting our form at midnight and waiting to hear back 24 hours later. Luckily we were successful, so had two days to prepare for our trip to Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican Pacific Coast! This was brilliant news as Puerto Vallarta combines traditional Mexico (think colonial towns) with all you would expect from a great beach holiday.


Like all Thomson Airways long haul flights, we were lucky enough to fly on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and better still we managed to secure some emergency exit seats with additional legroom! Our outbound flight was 11 hours 53 minutes although thanks to the Dreamliner’s excellent inflight entertainment and improved on-board atmosphere, this went very quickly.

We stayed in the centre of Puerto Vallarta town which was really convenient for getting to the nearby beaches, bars, restaurants and clubs. We spent most of our week on the beach and made some Canadian friends with whom we ventured out of town to a nature reserve where we swam in a mountain river and ate fajitas in the middle of the jungle. One of our favourite moments was going to the famous Pipis restaurant in the centre of town. This was an intense experience with a live mariachi band, outrageously large enchiladas and on-the-spot guacamole prepared for you at your table!

Overall our trip to Puerto Vallarta was a great experience. If you have the flexibility to travel at late notice, then Lates is a fantastic benefit of working at TUI.

Alexander Gimblett


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