Fun things to get involved in at TUI!

Here at TUI, whilst working hard to provide our customers with amazing holidays, we also like to have a bit of fun out of hours.  There are many activities that you can get involved in such as football, twice a week, netball training sessions and matches, the TUI choir, the TUI street dance squad and many more.

TUI Choir

Last year, for the first time ever, a TUI UK & Ireland Christmas choir was put together, made up of members from all areas of the business.

Choir 2
TUI Christmas Town Hall

After a few taster sessions in September, 50 colleagues from around the business joined up and were thrown into weekly rehearsal sessions, led by our Musical Director, Andy Guthrie, from the Workplace Choir Company. Our aim was to learn 3 songs, in 4 part harmony, which we’d perform in front of the whole company at our December company briefing, known as a Town Hall (so no pressure…).

Once we got used to Andy’s often unconventional approach-  warm-ups saw us skiing around the auditorium and hooting like orang-utans –  our Thursday lunchtime rehearsals soon became the highlight of everyone’s week. It was a great opportunity to leave work behind for an hour, have a good sing, and let off some steam. It was also a brilliant opportunity to get to know colleagues from other business areas, who I never would have ordinarily crossed paths with. On a professional level, a great opportunity for networking, but also a great way of building personal relationships with colleagues beyond my own department, which is not always so easy in such a big company.

We rehearsed, we hummed our parts in the dinner queue, we perfected our jazz hands and finally the Big Day was here. We assembled in the central atrium, with hundreds of colleagues gathered to watch, and sang through our repertoire of 3 Christmas classics. It was a marvellous day, and you can watch a short video all about it here:

Choir is another great example of the variety of things you can get involved in outside your role here at TUI.


TUI Netball

Tamara and the girls
This picture was taken before we got sweaty playing the match but we look super happy because we knew we could win it! It was a very close game though with only a couple of points in it but we pulled together, worked well as a team and played hard till the end!

Having played, captained and coached netball throughout my University career, I wanted to make sure that I kept up the sport once I went out into the working world. I joined a local Luton team and then decided to start my own TUI Netball Club. I started the sessions back in October 2014 and they began as fun sessions for all abilities, to teach those that had never played and to give those who loved the sport an opportunity to improve and play regularly. I had such a great response that the sessions are still going! We have girls that turn up to train regularly and all of their hard work and dedication has paid off as we won our first ever match (even if it was a friendly) a couple of weeks ago, which we were all so proud of!

I am so glad that I started the club, it was a lot of work to organise and promote it, but the concept received such a great response and since then netball has been a great way to meet others across the business that share the same interests as me, in addition to it being great exercise and a fun alternative to the gym!

In action
Action shot!



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