Tamara starts in IT with a bang!

This year the IT Scheme has worked slightly differently and from September I was given a role within IT Service Delivery.  My job title is an IT Service Support Analyst with a primary focus on Problem Management. In a nut shell this involves managing IT problems (which are reoccurring incidents/ issues) to reduce the risk and impact on the business. For example if the website is unavailable, customers are unable to book and the business has the potential to lose a lot of revenue.  It is my job to coordinate the various technical teams and suppliers to investigate the underlying root cause of any issues we have with our IT systems and services. It is also my responsibility to coordinate the successful implementation of permanent fixes for these incidents to prevent them from happening again (luckily I have a fantastic team to help me!).

IT Service Team Selfie
IT Service Team Selfie

The role itself is a huge challenge, I was well and truly chucked into the deep end at the beginning and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of technical language and acronyms about systems (I had zero IT knowledge before I started). I had to learn very quickly, as I am currently the only person in IT that covers this area and I manage relationships with many different suppliers who provide our key systems and services. Without Problem Management issues would never get fixed permanently and would continue to reoccur and pose both operational and financial risk to our business (and we all know how frustrating IT can be when it’s not working, so no pressure!).

BlueWater Holiday Design Store
BlueWater Holiday Design Store

Not only do I cover reactive problem management but recently I have also been conducting some trend analysis to try and bring a more proactive element to the job role. One of the key areas I have been working on recently is the HDS (Holiday Design Stores) our latest retail units that aim to delight customers with the use of innovative technology. I have been looking into some of the drawbacks of this new technology in stores and am addressing some of the common problems to prevent recurrence when new stores are launched. This technology is such a huge competitive advantage as it provides an interactive and personal experience for customers. Therefore it is essential that we maximise the benefits of this USP and ensure that the availability and performance of the service is perfect.

Sustainability Project
Sustainability Project

In addition to Problem Management I have also taken an additional role which is an IT Sustainability Champion. Having studied Tourism Management at University I have always been interested in sustainability and the importance of

responsible tourism and ethical business practices. As a Champion, our role is to encourage and promote sustainable behaviours in the workplace and across our various departments. So far I have been involved in a number of projects such as a Recycling refresh of the whole office, Spring Clean Initiatives, Discovery Day (local charity

Me planting at Humanitas on our IT Discovery Day.
Me planting at Humanitas on our IT Discovery Day.

work) and Sustainability Incentives for new starters. Sustainability work isn’t always very glamorous as you can see from the pictures the team are scraping bins to replace the labels and gardening as part of a charity initiative. Despite the lack of glamour, sustainability is becoming a very influential driver of the tourism industry and therefore heavily influences the businesses that operate within it. I am proud to work for a company that strives to have the best sustainability initiatives whether that be selecting sustainable destinations for our products, employing local people, charity work or simply recycling more in the office to reduce our environmental impact, it all counts!

Tamara Edwards


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