Graduate Development Week

Securing a place on one of the TUI Graduate Programmes is a great accomplishment. Whilst a lot of our skills and knowledge is developed in our day to day roles through having varied placements around the business, TUI also supports us in attending a number of workshops designed to develop some key skills that we need to become a successful leader and progress in our careers.

attrentionWe were joined by the International Grads for a week-long workshop and here is an overview into what we got up to:

During the first two days we were busy with the ‘Presenting with Impact’ course, which was run by Business Psychologist presentingand Leadership Coach, Ed Cornfield. Our first task was to prepare a five minute presentation on the topic of our choice; some of the topics included bee keeping, mobile money, the highs and lows of wedding planning and interesting facts about Paris, India and Barcelona! After delivering the first round of presentations and gaining some feedback, we spent the remainder of the day learning about all the elements that go into delivering a great, memorable presentation, such as body language, the importance of pausing and knowing our audience.  At the end of the workshop we were asked to prepare a quick, three minute presentation and put everything we had learnt into practice and I think all the grads would agree that there was definitely a huge improvement in our presenting styles!

Busy preparing our second presentations of the day!
Busy preparing our second presentations of the day!

For the next two days we were busy with the ‘Leadership and Performance’ workshop where we really got down to what the meaning of leader is and how everybody’s interpretation can be different (there were lots of grad debates going on!). We explored the differences between being a manager and being a true leader and realised how small ‘lollipop’ moments, which seem insignificant, may have a huge impact on our lives (or somebody else’s!) – see video for further insight.

tam and ant
Tamara and Anthony loving the workshop!

Around the topic of leadership we also improved our skill set in influencing, managing and leading change in the workplace and how to motivate (both ourselves and our teams!). It was really interesting diving into the values that really motivate us as individuals and realising that our whole lifestyle and leadership style is focused around our core values.

On our final day of the workshop, Malcolm Smith (Speaker of the Year 2015 at Vistage International) came in for the day to coach us on ‘Negotiation Skills’. We began the workshop by using psychological insights from our previous training week to understand the best way to negotiate with different types of people (i.e. some people are more analytical, others are more vision led or more direct) and we learnt some eye opening close uptechniques to get the deal sealed.

After taking a quick break for lunch we got split into groups and began with a bit of role play with a negotiation scenario of our own as a tour operator and supplier trying to negotiate the best deal for our fake companies and agree a price before the deadline. Putting the techniques to good use wasn’t as easy as it sounded, but after an hour and a half of negotiating, our group finally reached an agreement…top negotiating all round!

All in all we had a great week working closely with the International Grads and getting to know them, whilst focusing on some key skills that we will all need as we progress in our careers. The next big group event will be our overseas placements in September, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts!


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