A day in the life of a TUI Grad…

You’ve heard about the trips, courses and ins and outs of our different placements so now,  as we’re coming up to the halfway point of the Grad scheme,  I thought I’d give you a quick snapshot of an average day here in TUI towers. Welcome to my diary, Tuesday 09th June 2015.

Name: Rebecca Mason-Godsall

Department: Content

08.40am Arrive at work

First things first, head straight to the canteen to get the morning essentials: coffee, banana and toast with marmite. After catching up with everyone on  the previous evenings events I get to work, spending the first part of the morning checking through my emails & planning the day ahead (trying not to get crumbs in the keyboard). Today looks like it’s going to be a busy one…..

10am: 1:1 with Laura

This is a just a quick update meeting with my manger. I run through where I am with my graduate objectives and get her approval on a few official documents I’ve been working on. Generally these meetings are a chance to catch up with one another and are an opportunity to check I’m heading in the right direction (fingers crossed!).

11.30: Graduate group project meeting

As well as working on our placement objectives the other grads and I are working on a group assignment. My group is working with marketing, looking at a way of improving our customer promise – it’s a vague description, I know, but we we’re keeping it under wraps for now… watch this space!

12.30: Lunch

Lunch is usually time to hang out with your new placement colleagues or your old grad buddies. Today I’m just having a quick half an hour with the guys, before heading off to a lunch and learn…

1pm: Lunch and Learn

Every now and again there’s a lunch and learn session. Different departments from around the business put on a presentation, giving an update on a new initiative or the outcome of a project. This session is of particular interest as it’s been delivered by one of our fellow Grads, Sarah, who’s been working in Customer Experience.

For the rest of the afternoon I get started on the actions that came out of the morning’s meetings, splitting my time between the group project and my content objectives.

4.30pm Mentor Meeting

Whilst your manager is great for day to day questions your mentor can really help you in other areas… they’re a great sounding board for ideas, can share their business experience and will usually buy you a coffee.

5.00pm Wrap up

All that’s left to do is wrap up what I’ve been working on, have a final glance at the emails & check tomorrow’s diary.  Shut down and ship out!

Post work grad activities…

Frequent post work haunts include the Wiggie (a pub right next door), Brassiere Blancs cocktail bar (Happy hour between 5 &7pm) or if it was a really good (or really bad) day, the Pudding Stop in St Albans, where you can skip dinner and get a humungous pudding and a big glass of wine.

Unfortunately today I won’t be indulging in any of above, but will be heading to the gym. Oh well…

Becks – TUI UK&I Graduate Leadership Scheme 2014


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