Sarah’s experiences solving on the spot

So it’s my turn to give you a bit of an insight into what I’ve been up to recently…

My most recent assignment was based in our Customer Operations division. For my three month assignment here I was to work as Project  Lead on a business project known as Solve on the Spot (SOS).

Solve oSarah Johnsonn the Spot is a business workstream, which looks to empower and equip all our customer-facing teams – that includes our Retail colleagues, our airline cabin crew,  contact centre teams, the colleagues aboard our cruise ships,  and all of our reps overseas  – to solve customer queries and complaints on the spot. The objectives of this project are, primarily, to improve and modernise the service we offer to our customers by answering queries and solving complaints at first point of contact, and consequently reducing the number of complaints and contacts into our contact centres.

My role was to project manage the ten projects or so which sat within the Solve on the Spot workstream. The scope of this project was huge, but to give you a flavour, some of the things I got involved in included:

  • Creating an action plan for each SOS project, and following up on these regularly with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Creating a whole project roadmap, mapping out all SOS activity until the end of the year.
  • Putting together a SOS comms plan for the project, to engage colleagues around the business in the work of SOS. As part of this I had the opportunity present to 70 head office colleagues as part of a ‘lunch & learn’ session – fairly scary but a great development opportunity!
  • Organising and chairing monthly SOS meetings and workshops.
  • Establishing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for each of the SOS projects to allow us to measure the success of each initiative.
  • Working with finance and IT to design a new refunds process for our Retail stores.
  • Attending a cabin crew training event at Gatwick.
  • Designing documents and processes to be used by our customer-facing teams to help them solve on the spot.

Although challenging in some respects, I really enjoyed this assignment. It was great to have a role so focussed on the customer experience, and how it can be improved, and also to get exposure to so many different business areas in one placement. Thanks to this assignment, I now have a pretty solid understanding of our customer-facing operations, covering the airline, our overseas operations and our retail network, and have also gained some very useful, and very transferable, project management skills.

My new assignment, working in our Yield Management team, couldn’t be more different, but more on that later!

Sarah – TUI UK&I Graduate Leadership Scheme 2014


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