Bring on the sunshine!

For the last few weeks the Commercial Grads have been extremely busy finishing up our third placements and the IT Grads have been finishing up in their roles. We’ve also had two exciting group projects keeping us busy.

But the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived….WE ARE OFF OVERSEAS!!!

The First Choice uniform
The First Choice uniform

This was one of the perks of the Graduate Schemes that probably attracted most of us to the company – 5 weeks “working” in a hot destination, with our overseas staff, learning all the ins and outs of what really goes on behind the scenes in our destinations (as well as going on excursions with customers and having some free time to top up our tans!).

From 1st September to 5th October we’ll all be donning our uniforms and getting to grips with life on an island:

Tamara in her airport uniform :)
Tamara in her airport uniform 🙂
  • Tamara, who you can see modelling our overseas uniforms, will be in Corfu, checking out our Scene hotels.
  • Sarah will be in Tenerife and popping to our Sensatori hotel no doubt.
  • Anthony will be in Cyprus experiencing everything Aiya Napa and Paphos has to offer.
  • Jo will be on the amazing island of Rhodes.
  • Becks will be travelling around Menorca in her own car – good luck on the right hand side Becks!
  • Alex will be in Lanzarote, chatting away in Spanish.
  • Last but not least, Laura will be busy in Mallorca; our most popular destination!

    Here’s a selfie we took with the bride on the day!
    Here’s a selfie we took with the bride on the day!

Unfortunately, due to the Finance Grads studying for their CIMA qualifications, Charlie and James are unable to do the overseas assignment, but we have all promised to send them a post card and bring back a souvenir for them!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the fun and excitement whilst overseas, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog!

On a final note, we’d all like to wish Becks huge CONGRATULATIONS, as she got married at the weekend!


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