Becks’ first week in Menorca

Tuesday (The day before I left!)

Finished my last day in editorial before rushing home and packing. Uniform, check, sunscreen, check, toothbrush, check…  lots of other random last minute items of clothing thrown in, check.


Getting my bearings
Getting my bearings

Up at a very uncivilised 3am to catch my flight out of Luton, luckily I slept all the way to Menorca, only waking up for the landing! Result! I was met at the Airport by Alex, who’s  looking after me whilst I’m out here, and after picking up my hire car we set off on an island tour so I be able to find my own way around over the next few weeks (or I should be able too!). Later, I settled into my accommodion –  I’m staying in an apartment with a First Choice rep in Es Mijorn Gran.


This morning I’m heading 5 minutes down the road to Santa Thomas, where I’m going to spend the day observing what the reps do at a Thomson Family Resort hotel – I’m watching carefully as tomorrow I’ll be putting on the uniform and having a go!

The Victoria Playa hotel
The Victoria Playa hotel


Today I’m being closely watched by team leader Chantelle, I’ve been let loose on the guests staying at the Victoria Playa. Everything went fairly smoothly, I could answer  most of the questions when manning the Thomson desk (with a bit of help!), chatted to customers on the hotel walk rounds, helped sell a couple of excursions,  danced with the kids at the mini disco and braved the pool for a game of waterpolo.  You definitely need a lot of energy to do this job!


View from Monte Toro
View from Monte Toro

An early start to head out on the ’Traditional Menorca’ excursion. This trip will take me all round the island, from the highest point, Monte Torro to one of the most beautiful beaches at Cala Galdarna. My highlight though was the cheese and wine tasting at a traditional Menorcan farm. Had a fantastic day & it was great to experience one of the excursions TUI offer.


My first day off. Of course, it’s off to the beach! I headed off along the Cami de Cavalls, an old trail which follows the island’s coast line, to the hidden bay of Cala Turqueta.

Cala Turqueta, worth the 6k walk!
Cala Turqueta, worth the 6k walk!


Today I’m up really early to go help customers catch their flights home and meet some flights arriving into the Island from the UK. I’m not in uniform this time, I’m just there to watch, like with the Victoria Playa my turn will come later in the week…  can’t wait!

Watching the reps in action
Watching the reps in action

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