Laura’s Mallorcan Adventures

Well, where to start – what a whirlwind adventure my overseas experience has been. I thought I would focus on one of my favourite aspects of the trip so far – the excursions!

View of Katmandu
View of Katmandu

While we’re out here, we are lucky enough to experience some of the amazing days that our TUI excursion programme has to offer, getting to experience exactly what a customer would and seeing the company and our products through their eyes. So I thought I’d divulge a little more about some of my favourites bits….
Excursion 1

Ice wall
Ice wall

Only my third day in Mallorca and I was off to Katmandu! I had no idea what to expect, but when I arrived, a giant yeti hanging off the side of the building greeted me! Full of simulator rides and complete with a soft play park and splash park, this made for a great family day out (or just the big kid in all of us!).

My favourite part – the upside down house, a bit like a fun house you might find in fairground with a series of rooms each containing various interactive features. The best one – the ice wall, perfect for cooling down on a hot day or doodling on with your warm hands!

Excursion 2

Port of Soller
Port of Soller

In week two, I was offered a chance to see a bit more of the island with a trip to the Tramutana mountains on the west coast. Starting in the small village of Valldemossa, we were shown round a monastery and given an insight into how the monks of 200 years ago lived. We then travelled along the coast and down into the Port of Soller, where we then boarded a tram which took us through all the lemon and orange groves. A quick change at Soller and it was onto the train through the mountains, offering a chance to soak up the spectacular views.

Tram to Soller
Tram to Soller

Excursion 3

Probably my favourite so far – an evening excursion to the Pirates show. Dinner and show like I’ve never seen before! I was seated by a suitable dressed pirate wench and then offered a feast of a dinner, followed by ice cream, while pirate captains were touring the audience trying to rally up support for the show. The audience is spilt into teams each with a pirate captain to cheer on – I was team Barbarossa! The atmosphere was incredible and when the show started I

And boy what a show – Cirque du Soleil-esk acrobatics that fill the auditorium set to the story of stolen buried treasure (what else?!) and a fight to the death! I won’t give anymore away, but safe to say it’s something I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Although initially unsure of what our excursion programme might have to offer, just through my few experiences I have seen the breadth of tours we have to offer. Talking to our customers, I realised why they value these excursions – they take away all of the hassle of trying to organise a trip out – you are picked up from your hotel, taken care of all day and then dropped off again. All in all, they offer a stress-free, easy experience and a chance to see something new and exciting, whether it be a family day out or a cultural trip round the island.

View from my apartment
View from my apartmen

On top of this, most of our excursions offer something that competitors can’t, making them unique to us and our customers. We work with suppliers to ensure that each trip is special and we are also working towards making our excursion programme more sustainable and ensuring that there is a local flavour in each trip!

Excursion 4

Lucky me, I have one excursion left and I am off on a wine tasting experience next week, I’ll get tour of the local bodegas (wineries), and to sample some of their products. I’ll let you know how it goes, but for now it’s back to work!



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