Getting to know our 2015 TUI UK & I Graduates

Name: Lucy Carty

Degree and University: BSc Economics – University of York

Which TUI graLucyduate scheme are you on? Finance Graduate Scheme

What are you doing in your current assignment?

My first placement is in Accounting and Control, in the Revenue Accounting team. On a day to day basis, I work with our shops to reconcile two of our systems; Rapid, the booking system used in our shops, and Tracs, our inventory system and this ensures that we receive the correct revenue at the right time.

What were you doing at this time last year?

I had actually just gone back to my old school but this time to work as a Special Educational Needs Teacher in Maths & Literacy. It was strange (but really fun!) to work alongside some of my old teachers, especially when you get to see what they’re actually like at the Christmas party!

What is has been your best ever holiday?

Vietnam, definitely. There are so many random and incredible things to do there which have led to some of my best travelling memories yet; partying with, who I’m pretty sure were,  the Vietnamese Mafia, sinking a canoe in the middle of Ha Long Bay and ripping a snakes beating heart straight from its body with my teeth!

What’s your favourite thing about working for TUI?

I would say the people because they really are amazing but, considering everyone says that, I’m going to say the Lates deals. Incredibly cheap holidays with the excitement of not knowing whether or not you’re going until the day before, amazing!

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Working out how to scan from the most complicated printers in the world! It took two of us…

If you could only take 3 items with you to a desert island, what would they be?

A mirror, apparently its reflection is the best way to get attention; my smoothie maker, fresh coconut and pineapple would make an amazing pina colada smoothie; and a boat, is that cheating?


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